Seamstress Training Program Mentor Volunteer Position

Rightfully Sewn
Job Description
Rightfully Sewn will provide seamstress training for women so they can thrive in a specialized workforce that will reestablish Kansas City as an epicenter of garment manufacturing, while at the same time, propel Kansas City fashion designers to market so they can supply the burgeoning demand for high-quality, American-produced garments.

Participants will be individuals who have been identified with the help of our Social Service Agency Partners. Individuals will need to demonstrate an interest in the work and natural spatial skills. They may or may not have prior sewing experience. After a basic aptitude test is administered, those who are selected will attend an eight-week long, hands on sewing unit, which will be three days a week for three hours at a time and taught by Pamela Lucas, Director of Curriculum and Instruction. This program will cover safety, machine maintenance, and basic, intermediate, and advanced sewing and alteration skills. Through the generosity of foundation grants and private donors, participants will receive sewing kits to keep and a lent sewing machine at the start of the program so they can complete their regular, required homework outside of the classroom. Upon completion of the program, Rightfully Sewn will assist graduates with job placement.

Mentor Volunteers will create a vital support system to program participants and Rightfully Sewn’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction. This position reports to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
Following are the position’s requirements:
● At least three years of sewing experience;
● Attend the majority of classes, which take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30 am - 1:00 pm, Tuesday, September 10 - Friday, November 22; and
● Willingness to remain in contact with your mentee during program, employment, and, if desired, beyond.

Following are the position’s essential duties:
● Generally create a positive, supportive work environment for your mentee so she can be in an optimal position to learn and thrive;
● Make sure your mentee is doing her homework by occasionally checking in with her during off days and weekends;
● Help address your mentee’s questions during class;
● Raise issues and suggestions to Director of Curriculum and Instruction; and
● Assist Director of Curriculum and Instruction with photocopies, filing, errands, and other duties as assigned.
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